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Day 13- The Secret Place

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Entering the Secret Place

Author: Kristi Crocker

I love spending my quiet time in the mornings with God. Over the years, I’ve come to a place that I just cannot go without them. The reward far outweighs the challenge of waking up early. I am confident that even though I may not encounter Him as powerfully as another day’s experience,  giving Him the first fruits of my day enables me to be more in tune and more sensitive to His Presence.

I’ve always gone into my quiet time knowing that God speaks and I’ve been very intentional to hear what He has to say to me.

Recently though, as I began my early morning quiet time, I heard the Lord say to me,

 “Will you ask me what is on My heart today?”

Immediately, I felt great freedom and joy rising within my spirit. There was absolutely no condemnation to the question, but it was more like an invitation. It ignited within me a longing to be still, more still than I had previously been used to. It presented an invitation that was outside of myself and yet had everything to do with my participation. I sensed that by asking God what was on His heart that He was inviting me to partner with Him.

I never considered before asking this question. I’ve always experienced Him showing me His heart over matters involving my life, but this was different. It was as if He wanted me to know Him and to know His heart. It felt as though in that instant all of my concerns and cares that I brought with me simply faded, and a trusting confidence rose up knowing that He was all sufficient to meet those needs. My heart shifted as I knew something had changed and a great invitation was given to me.

I believe this is for the body of Christ as well. He wants us to know Him and to know His heart and to not be afraid to ask, “What is on Your Heart today, Lord?”

May 2020 be the year that you don’t focus so much on your shortcomings, or so much on your needs. Let it be the year that your heart posture changes, and you inquire of the Lord, “WHAT IS ON YOUR HEART TODAY LORD?” Be willing to ask the question and be just as willing to respond to the answer. This is relationship in its purest form.


Father, Enable me in this New Year to have a fresh hunger to seek You early in the mornings and to ask “What is on Your Heart Today Lord.”

James 4:8 “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.”

Jeremiah 29:13 “You will seek Me and find Me when you seek Me with all your heart”

Psalm 63:1 "O God, you are my God, earnestly will I seek You.”

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